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How Milking Machines Transformed Dairy Farms

How Vacuum Pump Works?

A dairy farm’s milking machine is incomplete without a vacuum pump. It majorly helps in the creation of enough pressure to draw milk from cows.

Single Bucket Milking Machine has got a superior vacuum pump that ensures efficient milking process.

Milking Machines Transformed Dairy Farms

Vacuum Pump Features:

Single Bucket Milking Machine vacuum pumps are designed with suction power which is both steady and dependable.

It is driven by a 0.75Hp motor that rotates at 1450rpm. At this high speed, it creates a vacuum, which pulls milk out of the cow’s udder towards the milk cluster during milking.

Milking Machines Transformed Dairy Farms

Key Feature:

 Flow rate: This milking machine has a flow rate of 200 L/min, leading to quick and efficient milking that saves time for farmers.

Pallet type and size: The milk machine is provided with a fiber pallet measuring 70x43x4.9 mm offering the cow a steady and comfortable platform during milking.

Tank capacity: With an 18-liter tank, allows for continuous and uninterrupted milking thus increasing productivity.

Milking Machines

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Milking Group Features:

Bucket type and volume: It has 30Lt stainless steel bucket, which guarantees quality milk as well as hygiene

Cluster weight: Milking cluster weights are 2050 g since this helps in balancing the cows as they get milked optimally so; comfort is increased in this case.

Milk claw capacity: It possesses one milk claw having a capacity of 1x240cc hence causing efficient collection of milk and its passage through the tube.

Milking Machines Transformed Dairy Farms

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