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The Best Milking Machine for Dairy Farms: Delmer’s Single Bucket


How does the Vacuum Pump Work?

A vacuum pump is an essential component of a milking machine used in dairy farms. It plays a crucial role in creating the necessary suction to extract milk from cows efficiently. Delmer’s Single Bucket Milking Machine is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump that ensures optimal milking performance.

Features of the Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump in Delmer’s Single Bucket Milking Machine is designed to provide reliable and consistent suction power. It operates at a power of 0.75Hp, rotating at 1450rpm. This high rotational speed creates a vacuum that effectively draws milk from the cow’s udder into the milking cluster.

Key Features

Flow Rate: With a flow rate of 200 L/min, this milking machine ensures quick and efficient milking, saving valuable time for farmers. Palette Type and Size: The milking machine is equipped with a fiber palette measuring 70x43x4.9mm, providing a stable and comfortable platform for the cow during milking. Tank Capacity: The 18L tank capacity allows for continuous milking without the need for frequent emptying, enhancing productivity.

Milking Group Features

Bucket Type and Volume: The milking machine is equipped with a stainless steel bucket with a volume of 30Lt, ensuring milk quality and hygiene. Cluster Weight: The milking cluster weighs 2050g, providing optimal balance and comfort for the cow during milking. Milk Claw Capacity: The milk claw has a capacity of 1x240cc, allowing for efficient milk flow and collection.


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