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Enhancing Dairy Health: The Delmer Post Teat Dip Advantage

Ensuring the well-being of your dairy animals is paramount for maintaining optimal milk production. One key aspect of animal health is teat care, and when it comes to the ultimate teat health solution, DELMER Post Teat Dip stands out as a top choice for cattle and livestock. In this blog, we’ll explore five compelling reasons why DELMER is the go-to option for achieving the best teat health in cows, buffaloes, goats, and camels.

Long-Lasting Effect:

One standout feature of DELMER Post Teat Dip is its long-lasting effectiveness. The product remains potent one week after mixing, providing farmers with a more versatile and convenient solution. This extended effectiveness ensures continuous protection against mastitis and other infections, contributing to the overall health of the animals.

Widely Tested and Proven:

DEL​MER Post Teat Dip has undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating its bactericidal activity against a broad spectrum of infectious and environmental pathogens known to cause mastitis. The product’s effectiveness in preventing mastitis and maintaining the overall condition of the nipples has been scientifically proven. This level of testing instills confidence in farmers, assuring them that they are using a reliable and effective teat dip.

Benefits of Nipple Condition:

A key advantage of DELMER is its positive impact on nipple condition. With 12.5% emollients, this teat dip serves as an excellent exfoliator and skin conditioner. It aids in reducing hyperkeratosis, protecting nipples from weathering, and minimizing the risk of cutaneous mastitis. The quality of this product makes it an ideal choice for promoting not just health but also the comfort of the animals.

Easy Mixing and Flexible Application:

DEL​MER Post Teat Dip is designed with practicality in mind. The product offers easy mixing and provides farmers with flexibility in application methods. Whether it’s dipping, spraying, or using foam, farmers can choose the application method that best suits their farm’s needs, making it a versatile solution for a variety of farming practices.

Simple Application Process:

Using DELMER Post Teat Dip is a straightforward process. After milking, farmers should rinse the teats with clean water. Next, they fill the dip cup with the solution and dip the teats immediately, allowing the liquid to settle for 2 minutes. This forms a viscous film on the teat surface, providing a protective covering with a disinfecting effect until the next milking. The simplicity of the application process makes it convenient for farmers to incorporate into their daily routine.


In conclusion, DELMER Post Teat Dip emerges as the ultimate teat health solution for cattle and livestock, offering a long-lasting effect, proven efficacy, benefits for nipple condition, and easy, flexible application. By incorporating DELMER into your dairy management routine, you’re not just caring for the teats; you’re investing in the overall health and productivity of your valuable dairy animals. Choose DELMER for teat health excellence and witness the positive impact on your dairy farm.

FAQ About DELMER Post Teat Dip:

Q1: Why is post teat dip important?

Answer: Post teat dip is important because it helps maintain the health and productivity of dairy cows. Mastitis, which is an infection of the udder, can have a significant impact on milk production and cow welfare. By using post teat dip, farmers can reduce the risk of mastitis and ensure the quality and safety of the milk they produce.

Q2: How does post teat dip work?

Answer: Post teat dip works by killing bacteria on the teat surface and forming a protective barrier. The active ingredients in the dip, such as iodine or chlorhexidine, have antimicrobial properties that effectively kill bacteria. The dip also forms a film on the teat, which helps prevent new bacteria from entering the teat canal.

Q3: Is post teat dip safe for cows?

Answer: Yes, post teat dip is safe for cows when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The active ingredients in the dip are carefully formulated to be effective against bacteria while also being safe for the cow’s skin.

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