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Neck Tags for Cows/Buffalo!

Now is your chance to stand out in the animal care community with a creative Cow & Buffalo Neck Tag. The coolest in history. It is a leap forward into the future of farming where a lot of well-thought aspects come together to help.

What is the Neck Tag for a Cow/Buffalo?   

The Cow/Buffalo Neck Tag today has become a revolutionary piece to track your animals and notify you of any abnormalities or medical emergencies. It is a tiny, quite light device that can be hung around your cow’s or buffaloes’ neck. Fitted with state-of-the-art tools, this tagging can be used to not only monitor, but also track and evaluate parameters of your animal’s health and behaviour.

How Does Securing the Cow/Buffalo Neck with a Tag Work?  

The Cow/Buffalo Neck tag works by getting data from sensors that are embedded in the tag. These sensors are used to monitor body temperature, heart rate, and also activity. The tag also has GPS functions so that you can locate your livestock in real time.

What exactly are the cow/buffalo neck tag benefits?  

  • Health Monitoring: The device is constantly checking the state of health of your animals and notifying you about any health concerns or distress. The early detection can eliminate the spread of diseases and guarantee appropriate therapy.

  • Behaviour Analysis: The tag offers real-time tracking of animal activity levels and behaviour patterns, which gives you in-depth information about their health status. The human observer can recognize any unusual behaviour that could hint stress or discomfort.

  • Location Tracking: With the GPS feature built into the tag, it allows you to monitor your animals’ current locations at any moment. This is an excellent instrument in the hands of a large farm owner while animals are grazing in the fields, for example.

  • Data Analysis: The tracker accumulates all sorts of information that can be decrypted to get a deeper insight about the animals’ health and behaviour. This data can be used to provide information that can assist you in making better decisions on how to care for and manage them.

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The Cow/Buffalo Neck Tag are revolutionary in animal maintenance. It uses the latest technologies to track and supervise both cows and buffaloes, thus allowing you to provide the best herd care.

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