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Cow/Buffalo Leg Sensor Mini Tag

Unlike the other wearable tech gadgets like smart watches, the sensor mini tag is thinner and almost the shape of the cow and buffalo’s energies.

In dairy farming, which is one of the pillars of the food production sector, precision and efficiency are the foundational stones.

Cow and Buffalo Leg Sensor Mini Tag, a real breakthrough in the area of animal husbandry. An innovative tool developed as a promising solution to help cattle farmers to care for their livestock better.  

Monitoring in Real-Time

Observe incomparable details of your cattle’s behaviour with leg sensors mini tags, which transfer data about the movements and activities of the animals in real time, giving you the ability to get an insight into their behaviour and their life.

Perspectives on Health

Among other useful tools, provide for your herd’s welfare by integrating sensors that are up to date and track all the key health parameters. Early signs of disease allowing for timely intervention and proactive healthcare.

Improvement in Productivity

Creating the efficiency of data to the highest level of productivity. Feeding, breeding, and all the herd management issues can be planned with high confidence using our Leg Sensor Mini Tags that can be trusted as a reliable tracking device for the optimal performance of your herd.  

Interface That’s Easy to Use

Looking for relevant data (in a lot more detail) and extracting the relevant meaning from it is no longer difficult. Due to our snap interface, you can take the herd wherever you go.

It can be accessed both on mobile and desktop platforms, making sure you can stay connected with your herd at any time you find yourself fit for it.

Sturdy and Water-Resistant  

Enabled with farm life protection in mind, Leg Sensor Mini Tags have been manufactured to last and thus can operate under water whereas arising from environmental challenges, the reliability of their performance even increases.

Simple Integration

Seamlessly link Leg Sensor Mini Tags with your current farm management systems. Delmer makes sure to put into effect user-friendly solutions that fit seamlessly into your already efficient operations.


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Advantages for Farmers

  • Early Disease Detection: Identify forthcoming health threats as they appear, thus allowing you to be proactive and to minimize the diseases’ impact on your livestock.


Cow and Buffalo Leg Sensor Mini Tag is not just a technological innovation, it is a game changer for dairy farmers striving towards precision, efficiency, and particularly the welfare of their livestock.

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