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Innovative Solutions for Happy, Healthy Cows: Farm Sprinkler and Ventilation Systems

Innovative Solutions for Happy, Healthy Cows: Farm Sprinkler and Ventilation Systems While in the agricultural sector, summer is considered to be the crop’s most productive season because it is also known as the harvesting time. However, one particular sector of the economy begs to differ in this that is the dairy industry as it reduces milk production and it is a lean season for dairy farmers as it causes economic consequences for dairy farms.

We will see the factors affecting this phenomenon and solutions available on the market for the same.

Why Humidity Causes Discomfort To The Cows?

  • Compared to other animals, cattle are extremely sensitive. Particularly during the summer, when their average body temperature is 38.611°C that is at-least 3 degrees warmer than the normal temperature of the human beings.

  • At 25°C and regular humidity, humans begin to perspire. It just takes a temperature increase of 22.222°C for dairy animals to become uncomfortable. And that’s under typical circumstances with 50% humidity.

  • The temperature limits can be as low as 65 °F if the breed is very productive. This is due to the fact that a cow’s body generates an amazing quantity of heat as well. This occurs when the grass and plant fibers in the stomach are broken down and turned into milk.

  • When outside temperatures rise to a point where a cow’s mouth and nose are unable to expel extra heat from its body, heat stress can develop within barns. This can even occur in a well-ventilated building with fans and cooling systems on a hot enough day.
  • Solutions For Maintaining Cattle’s Body Temperature

    Numerous products and techniques have been developed over the years by the dairy industry thanks to technological advancements, to address and overcome these issues that the dairy farmers face. Let us see some solutions for the same.

    Ventilation Systems

    The High-Volume Low-Speed maxi-fan permits a much way better discussion development in comparison with routine high-speed ceiling or mechanical floor fans which are regularly unpleasant and problematic.

    Routine High-speed fans are costly to function but they can not convey discuss to keep wanted temperatures from floor to ceiling.

    In summer, discuss from a fan tenderly passes over to keep a cooler, more comfortable, and beneficial environment.In winter, the same fan pushes discuss from the ceiling down to the floor to keep a hotter environment.

    Farm Sprinkler

    Sprinkling and Hazing Frameworks for Dairy Farms One of the greatest issues confronted by dairy farmers. The least difficult way to keep the cattle cool is to take the cattle to a water body like a lake or a water stream and take off the buffaloes in water for at least 4 hours a day. A weight-boosting pump is introduced to produce water pressure. A timer device is utilized to function the pump at a pre-configured time interim.

    Revive framework is little spouts that create exceptionally fine water beads which look like haze or mist.

    These are moreover called sirs or fog systems. Most of these produced beads vanish some time before they can reach the ground. As they vanish, they diminish the shed temperature.

    Evaporative cooling is the finest solution for providing dairy animals with excellent protection against heat stress. Delmer is a well-known supplier of dairy farm ventilation and sprinkler systems in all nations.


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