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About the Animal Farming Infrastructure Fund (AHIDF)

Dear Farmers,

We’re thrilled to share some big news with you: the government has set up something called the Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF), and it’s going to make a real difference for farming!

What’s it all about?

The AHIDF is a special fund created to help farmers, entrepreneurs, and companies set up better farms. It’ll give money to make farms more modern and sustainable. This means things like improving how we process milk and meat, making better animal feed, and more.

AHIDF Consultancy Services

At AHIDF, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering dependable services to support your farming endeavors. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive reliable assistance whenever you need it. Count on us for unwavering support and assistance as you navigate your agricultural projects. With AHIDF, you can trust in our commitment to providing consistent services tailored to your needs.

For dependable farming assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Delmer Group. Call us at 98240 09466 or Email us . We’re here to consistently support and guide you through your agricultural projects.

Eligible Entities:

  • Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs)
  • Private companies
  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Section 8 companies
  • Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Who can benefit?

If you’re a farmer or you run a farming business, you can apply for help from this fund. It doesn’t matter where in the country you are, this fund is for everyone.

What are the perks?

  • More Money: You can get loans to cover most of the costs of your project, up to 90%. So, you don’t need as much of your own money.
  • Cheaper Loans: The loans come with lower interest rates, which means you’ll pay less when you borrow money.
  • Safer for Lenders: The program protects the banks that give out loans, so they’re more likely to lend you money.
  • More Time to Pay Back: You’ll have up to 8 years to pay back the loan, so you won’t feel rushed.

What are the goals?

  • Make farms better so we can produce more and sell to bigger markets.
  • Make sure farmers get fair prices for what they produce.
  • Provide good-quality food for people to enjoy.
  • Help create more jobs in farming.
  • Sell our products to other countries, bringing in more money.
  • Make sure animals get good food too.

This fund is a big step forward for farming in our country. We encourage all eligible farmers and businesses to take advantage of this opportunity and make our farms even better!

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