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What are Turnkey Dairy Projects? 

A turnkey dairy project is when a farm begins and then grows into a fully operational dairy farm.

This includes everything from the initial planning and construction of the farm to provision of machinery, cow management, installation of processing plants and production of high quality products.

It involves a package that takes you through all the steps towards growing your dairy business. 

We’ll take you through all processes, starting with designing until full-scale production so that it minimizes complexities, increases efficiency and gives high quality milk by using state-of-art technology.

Turnkey Design and Installation Solutions:

We understand how complex dairy farming can be hence our complete solutions which include taking care of Cows health, maintaining herds as well as building modernistic processing units among others.

We emphasize quality in every stage by instituting stringent measures to control quality thereby ensuring the best standards for your milk products.

Sheds Planning

Milking, Dry, Heifers of Different Age Groups. Shed Planning specializes in designing and erecting sheds for various age groups of milking cows, dry cows, and heifers. Customized responses for calf-sheds that provide the best care options.

Calf Sheds

The aim is to offer a secure and comfortable space on dairy farms where young calves can be reared without compromising their well-being and health.

These barns are equipped with appropriate ventilation systems, temperature regulation functionality as well as easy access to feeding and attending.

Feed Storage Facilities

Delmer Group makes certain that feed storage facilities are installed efficiently and well-organized. Personalized solutions of bulk feed storage ensure freshness and accessibility of feeds.

Silage Pits

Fermented forage is preserved in silage pits which are used as animal feeds. They aid in fermenting green fodder so that it may have better nutritional values for animals’ consumption.

Efficient Manure Handling Systems

Manure handling systems effectively gather livestock waste matter and help manage this properly to keep turnkey dairies clean.

They also participate in nutrient cycling by using manure as an important resource during sustainable farming practices.

Quarantine Areas

Quarantine areas are designed spaces within turnkey dairy projects that safely accommodate new cattle by allowing them a specified period of time before they get mixed with the rest thus preventing the spread diseases. This helps in ensuring a comprehensive.

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