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Machines And Plants For Melting, Continuous Casting Heat Treatments And Chemical Treatments Of Precious And Non-Ferrous Metals

Since 1987, Delmer has been a leader in the production of traditional and special machines for the thermal treatment of precious metals. Since then, professionalism, accuracy and service have been the inspiring features of this company, which have been consolidating over the years. Thanks to a strong engagement in research, the company has achieved a very high quality standard. It is not a change that Delmer has established its own Research & Development Division, staffed by highly specialised and trained technicians, equipped with the most advanced computer design systems and with a metallographic laboratory for conducting metallurgical tests. In recent years this structure has acquired outstanding expertise in machine design, availing itself of highly advanced and professional technological development processes. The Customer is the focus of our attention and dedication, and with us he is certain of finding projects and solutions that will satisfy the widest range of production requirements.