Isotropic Graphites

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Isotropic Graphite

The Isotropic Graphite finds its application in intensive applications on demanding environment wherein the properties of the Graphite is same throughout. Whereas other Graphite’s are Anisotropic with different properties in different directions. Isotropic Products are used on various industries like Semi Conductor, diamond tools industry, Continuous casting industry, Metallurgical, Solar cells manufacturing, Heat treatment industry, tool and die making etc.

Some of the typical properties of Isotropic Graphite is as below :-

  • High reliability
  • High Heat resistance.
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Small and density and ease in machining


Isotropic Graphite finds its application in continuous casting dies, EDM electrodes for making of tools and molds, solar cells and fuel cells, sintering industries etc.