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High productivity and very versatile machines for cold or with hot tables pressing: suitable for coining, pressing, blanking, deep drawing, synthesizing, etc. Four columns structure presses, designed with finite elements method, highly dimensioned and with high rigidity; the automatically lubricated mobile table, which goes up and down on the four columns, and also a perfect parallelism between the two tables give a high degree of precision during the pressing.

Pressure control through proportional valve, high power backward force of the piston. Pumps and oil’s cooling system located over the lower oil tank for an easy inspection. Quick response hydraulic plant gives high reliability and reduces the working time.Provided with sophisticated control systems, these machines are supplied with touch screen numeric control to set the working programs.

The machines are provided with all the safety devices, halogen lamp, antivibrations feet, very low noise pumps, and can be provided with photocells, automatic feeding, upper and lower extractor with hydraulic cushion, mechanical stop, blank holder, temperature control. Personalized options and special modifications can be asked upon specific request. Max. dimensions of the working area 1.200 x 1.200 mm.

  • LOCATELLI MECCANICA design and manufacture both hydraulic presses machnine and special automatic lines. Keeping as central the quality of the service
  • Hydraulic presses LOCATELLI are used for coining, blanking, stamping, embossing, hot stamping of composites materials and rubber, in the industrial sectors of jewellery, spectacle frames, automotive, synthesized, watch cases and bracelets, and mechanic industry in general. All the machines have very low noise and high production capacity; this is due to high quality materials and particular hydraulic circuit provided with the machines.
  • The new LOCATELLI press maximizes versatility. Based on a four columns or an all-welded, box-section, versions with either 10 to 1200 Ton ram force are available.
  • The modular concept allows the basic version to be converted to a latest technology, full-CNC colour touch-screen display, Ethernet port for Tele-assistance, USB port, with possibility to monitor and export to PC graphics of the production variables, advanced technology, optimised performance/price ratio, modern design - the result of many years of solid experience in press manufacture, and close collaboration with demanding, standard-setting users.
  • Hydraulic circuit ultra-high reliability with proportional valves to control the working pressure, centesimal precision settings, adjustable working speed, a highly integrated hydraulic system that minimizes seams on pipes with absence of oil leaking ,both internally and externally.
  • Independent electrical system, reliable, and easy-inspection for convenient maintenance. Keyboard Programming, time pressure, strokes and piston positions customizable for any need of molding.