Disc Finishing Machine

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Disc Finishing Machine

The tower is used to neutralize acid. It is built out of PP-H plastic. A spray nozzle is installed inside the fume tower to spray a 700 mm thick layer of raschig rings.

The neutralization solution container is placed beneath the tower, in order to avoid drop dragging; a droplet separator has been placed upstream to the sprayer. The solution circulation pump has a maximum capacity of 50 l/min. The suction fan has a max. capacity of 200 m3/h.

Salient Features

  • Reverse and forward direction (clockwise and anticlockwise)
  • Gap setting with rotation of the tumbler for a 0.035mm setting
  • Maximum velocity of Rotation 450 rpm which is the highest in the industry
  • Programmable melting temperature (thro'touch screen)
  • Long lasting steel ring instead of ceramic
  • In case of replacement of the container it is highly cost effective as Compared to any other machine

Gyrate with LCD Control Panel - LCD - Panel

  • LCD display for better visualization.
  • Memory capacity for 25 processing programs.
  • Date & Time display.
  • It shows the Barrel no and also highlights the barrel which is in the process.
  • Displays required processing time for each Barrel along with Running Time.
  • Through Menu, the PROCESSING TIME, FORWARD rotation TIME, REVERSE rotation TIME & SLOW END TIME can be set as per requirement.
  • With SLOW END TIME the machine runs at slow speed in last processing time period, to achieve fine polishing.
  • The container usage time can also be displayed.


Specification Type GD 9 GD 2 x 9
Total Capacity 9L 2*9L
Maximal Workpiece 20 mm(maximal) 20 mm(maximal)
Barrel Speed 0-450rpm 0-450rpm
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 370W 370W x 2
Motor Speed 1340rpm 1340rpm
Rate of Deceleration 1:4 1:4
Dimensions 535 x 670 x 820 mm 935 x 670 x 820 mm
Weight 70 kg 100 kg
Specification Type GD 18 GD 2 x 18 GD 3 x 18
Total Capacity 18L 2*18L 3*18L
Maximal Workpiece 25 mm (maximal) 25 mm (maximal) 25 mm (maximal)
Barrel Speed 0-450rpm 0-450rpm 0-450rpm
Voltage 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Power 750W 750W x 2 750W x 3
Motor Speed 1380rpm 1380rpm 1380rpm
Rate of Deceleration 1:4 1:4 1:4
Dimensions 730 x 850 x 1410 mm 1150 x 850 x 1410 mm 1850 x 850 x 1450 mm
Weight 70 kg 125 kg 125 kg
Specification Type GD 36 GD 2 x 36 GD 3 x 36
Total Capacity 36L 2*36L 3*36L
Maximal Workpiece 30 mm (maximal) 30 mm (maximal) 30 mm (maximal)
Barrel Speed 0-400rpm 0-400rpm 0-400rpm
Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Power 2200W 2200Wx2 2200Wx3
Motor Speed 1430rpm 1430rpm 1430rpm
Rate of Deceleration 1:4 1:4 1:4
Dimensions 890 x 1095 x 1445 mm 890 x 1095 x 1445 mm
Weight 175 kg 350 kg