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Cows yield highest amounts of milk when given proper rest and comfort.

A typical day of a cow can be categorized as below:
21% Eating
13% Milking
50% Lying

While it spends major part of its time lying, it is important to provide good comfort. It should be insulated from the surface of the floor to insulate it from cold or heat. Also its movements of getting up from floor and again lying down, give jerks to their knees which can lead to injury.


Each unit of 125 cm is composed as follows:

NR 1 Eco-Lattex platecm 120×180 for 5 or 7 cm height

NR 1 polypropylene bag as protection

Cm127 of sheet yellow-black or yellow-black coated

NR 10 nylon dowels + SS screw + washer for fixing

NR 2 rubber bars 123x4x1.9 to fix front and back


180x120x50 cm delivered on pallets 180×120 cm

On each pallet are packed 48 Lattex with cm 5 thickness, or 34 lattex with cm 7 of thickness.

The weight of the mattress is 16-20 kg.


The Delmer cubicles mattresses can be covered with a yellow/black coated cover which is equipped with a layer of rubber underneath for a better insulation.

The yellow/black cover is cm 218 high and has a coated surface of cm 180 on height.

The cover can be customized delivered as per requirements

On rolls or on pallets cm 180x120x50


The DELMER Baby cow mattress is the traditional mat composed of six cells filled with shavings rubber and rubber certified by Fokus Test 5615F DLG Germany & Fokus Test 09-076 DLG Switzerland

10 cm high, compact and very flexible, it is ideal for installation in cubicles plain concrete

It enhances the rest position of cows by reducing stress on body, jerks on knees while movement, risk of scratches, bruises and trauma.

It is comfortable and non-slippery reducing the risk of slips on cows

In 2007 against international competitors, DELMER was declared the best mattress in the test conducted by Dansk Landbrugs Farm Test.

Dimensions available : 125x175x10 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Covered with a yellow/black coated cover which is equipped with a layer of rubber underneath for a better insulation.


This mattress is created after years of research and inputs from farmers to suit the cows requirement

It is a rubber-cell structure that allows the use of sand on a cubicle with no problems of leakage or depressions caused by natural digging activity of cows

Made of sand forms a uniform base of inorganic material, chemically inert, soft and dry. It is inalterable from physical and chemical point of view. It avoids formation of hollow due to the animals, so the bunk remains comfortable and clean

DELMER Cow-mattress tradition is easily installable with dowels on the floor thus making it pocket friendly

Is resistant to insects and scooter electric microbes

Does not accumulate static charge and prevent the interaction between materials

Is highly resistant to acids, it does not rot and its characteristics remain unchanged over time

It’s 100% recyclable