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With the DELMERS’ motorized crush, manufactured in house using galvanized steel, for all the legs of the cow, you can complete treatment every 5 minutes. It ensures greater comfort and safety both the animal and the operator. The cows do not have time to move, shake and kicking. Cow knees are studied for their angles to avoid injuries to joints, tendons and ligaments while using this machine to suit different sizes of animals - big & small. The management of lifting of the struts is crucial for movement without excessive effort and harm.

Dimensions and Specifications:

4 Motors- 220V

lenght: 2,05 mt.

width: 1,20 mt.

height: 1,90 mt.

weight: 450 kg.

Dimensions and Specifications
Dimensions and Specifications


Features of DELMER Crush:

Containment cage door lock with anti-suffocation facility

Rack for locking the front of the animal

Attacks on three points

Accessories containment:

Winch for lifting of the hindlimb

Winch for lifting of the animal

Support for forelimbs

The entire surface is covered with rubber mat

Equipped with anti-tilt system